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Do you get satisfaction out of doing Do It Yourself (DIY) jobs around the home and garden? Do you get frustrated because you are unable to do any DIY jobs?

Dave’s DIY Tips is aimed at helping both the expert DIYer and the novice DIYer too.

Throughout our site you will find hints, tips, photographs, advice and a tools required list for each job, to help you complete the most common home DIY  jobs and projects, such as plumbing, carpentry, tiling, fitting a kitchen, decorating, replacing a plug top or changing a ceiling rose etc.

How many times have you entered a DIY (Do It Yourself) store for some screws and timber to put up a shelf and have been overwhelmed with how many different types they have in stock? Which screws should you purchase? Which timber is suitable? Should you just buy a selection of screws just in case? If this sounds familiar then you have definitely come to the right place! Here we will try to help assist you with DIY jobs from putting up a shelf to fitting a kitchen to hanging a new door.

Here you will find helpful tips and advice on home DIY projects, including carpentry, electrics, plumbing, outdoor DIY, tiling, decorating and kitchen fitting. All DIY tips and suggestions to help and assist your fellow DIYers are very welcome and will be added to the appropriate category with the authors name. Please enter them in any of the comments sections on each of the posts. 

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DIY Tip of the week

Don’t just fit smoke detectors, check they work regularly by pressing the test button, have window lock keys accessible in each room and discuss possible fire escape routes with family members, so that everyone is prepared should the worst ever happen.

Submitted by Mark

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