5 of the Best Portable Toolboxes

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On this page, you’ll find a list of 5 of the best portable toolboxes currently for sale on Amazon. The list is regularly and automatically updated with the items displayed in order of popularity, starting with the No1 bestseller.

STANLEY FATMAX Cantilever Rolling Toolbox Trolley, 4 Level...
  • STANEY FATMAX Cantilever Rolling Workshop, 1-94-210
  • Opens up easily into a 4 level workstation
  • All the advantages of a cantilever, using a simple pull up latch
STANLEY Toolbox Tote with Portable Organiser for Tools and...
  • Front push button for simple detaching of the top part from the bottom tote
  • Heavy duty anti-rust metal latches on top case and metal hinges for extra strength and durability
  • Long metal carry handle for the tote for easy and better grip
STANLEY 3 in 1 Rolling Work Centre Toolbox with Pull Handle,...
  • Detachable top tool box unit with small parts storage on top
  • Detachable mid section for small parts and accessories
  • Bottom bin with large 7 inches wheels
STANLEY Rolling Toolbox Chest with Heavy Duty Metal Latch, 2...
  • Large 50 L storage capacity
  • V-Groove in lid designed for cutting timber and pipework
  • Long telescopic handle
STANLEY FATMAX Waterproof Toolbox Storage with Heavy Duty...
  • All round water seal ensures safe and dry storage
  • Extra large storage capacity with portable tote tray
  • Integrated V-groove on lid top enables sawing

Portable toolbox buyer’s guide

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a portable toolbox to hold your tools and DIY gear is the amount of storage space they offer.

A range of sizes is available, from small hand-held toolboxes for carrying the essential tools you use most often, to larger, suitcase-on-a-trolley-style modular portable toolboxes for carrying every tool you own.

The Stanley STST1-80151 Essential Rolling Workshop is a perfect example of a well-designed modular toolbox fit for working at home or onsite. It’s about the size of a small suitcase and made up of three stackable and detachable compartments.

STANLEY Essential Rolling Workshop Toolbox, 3 Tier Stackable...
  • 3 Tier Workshop
  • Interchangeable module design
  • 18'' Top Toolbox with heavy duty metal latches

The top one is a basic toolbox. It’s ideal for storing essential DIY tools so you can grab it and get on with the job. Under that is a shelf unit with a carrying handle for storing more tools. And at the bottom another compartment for storing the big boys (such as your cordless drill, sander etc).

The bottom section has 7” wheels attached to it so the whole lot can be moved from one place to another.

Important factors to consider when buying the best portable toolbox for you

  • Space – You’ll want to buy a toolbox that’s large enough for all the tools you want to store. Especially if you’re planning on using it to store larger tools such as a drill, jigsaw or sander.
  • Weight – Most toolboxes are fairly strong but there will come a tipping point if you store too many weighty items in a box that’s not designed to carry so much weight.
  • Ease of Use – As well as storing your tools, you’ll want a toolbox that’s easy to use and doesn’t make your work uncomfortable, right?
  • Lockable – Not a feature everyone looks for and it may not be a deal-breaker, but it’s certainly good to have.
  • Portability – A good portable toolbox should be easily moveable from one place to another. Whether than means a comfortable carrying handle or easy-rolling wheels.
  • Weatherproof – Essential consideration if you work outdoors or plan on doing outdoor DIY. Look for a toolbox that keeps out moisture.
  • Materials – A well-made toolbox will last for you years and withstand the knocks and scrapes it’s bound to receive.
  • Price – This shouldn’t be a deciding factor but it often is. As I always say, buy the best you can afford right now as you’ll save money in the long-run.