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How to Paint Exterior Walls

Have your exterior walls seen better days? Do you want to do something about it and make them look as good as new? If so, then check out this guide on how to paint exterior walls.

When to coat your walls

It is always best to undertake this work in early autumn or any time in spring, as the walls will be dry but there won’t be so much heat from the sun to hamper your efforts.

You should also attempt to work with the direction of the sun, so that you are essentially following it as it goes around the house, and aim to finish up at least 2 hours before sunset so that you leave enough time for any paint to dry.

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Safety first!

Photo Credit: Ian Wilson via cc (always be careful when you are on a ladder…)

Make sure that you read through these safety hints and tips before you get started!

What you need

Here is a list of items you will need in order to coat your walls:

Preparing your walls

As with any job, preparation is key to ensuring a perfect end result.

Start by checking the condition of your walls and deal with any mould using a mixture of 1 part bleach to 6 parts water. Let the bleach dry and then wire brush the surface to remove any debris.

Fill all small and medium-sized cracks and holes with some quick-setting mortar. Keep the mortar moist as long as possible for the best adhesion by spraying it with water.

Priming your walls

Once you have done this, seal any dusty or powdery surfaces with the stabilising primer solution. You can also use this on unpainted pebbledash. Wait for the stabilising primer solution to dry before going on to the next step.

Painting your walls

Now that your walls have been prepared and primed, it’s time for the fun stuff – painting!

You can use your paint roller for normal brick walls, but if you need to paint bare pebbledash then you will have to use some brushes.

If you are painting using the roller, attach the extension handle to it when you are painting so that you can paint more when you are working at ground level.