Building a House Extension: A Step by Step Guide

Building an extension on your house is an excellent way to improve your home. You’ll gain light, space and comfort. When moving house means hassle and costs, from stamp duty to legal fees, extending your house sounds an excellent alternative. This guide will help you: Understand all the stages Identify the planning requirements Evaluate costs … Read more

How to Board Your Loft Whilst Achieving Good Insulation

In this article, I’ll explain how to board your loft the correct way, whilst achieving the recommended insulation thickness. Boarding out a loft helps increase the amount of storage space within your home. It’s the ideal place to store items you do not need regularly, such as Christmas decorations, collectables, or stuff you cannot store … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Joinery

What is Japanese Joinery? Centuries before the invention of screws and fasteners, Japanese carpentries created their own beautiful and effective woodworking joints (known as joinery), closely related to Japanese architecture. It is the work of tightly slotting together pieces of timber or lumber to hold together and produce more complicated items. Joinery does not require … Read more

How to Build a Summer House

There was an upsurge in the popularity of garden design in the 1980s thanks to the garden renovation programs on television and personalities like Alan Titchmarsh. Also, thanks to the rise in the popularity of DIY stores and garden centres, materials were widely available to the general public in a way that they never were … Read more

How to Fit an Electrical Supply for a Garden Pond or Water Feature

This post is all about warning DIYers without the proper training or qualifications against the idea of fitting a permanent electrical supply to a garden pond or water feature themselves. I know this website encourages people to do DIY work in and around the home when they can, but sometimes you have to bring in … Read more

Repointing Brickwork – How to Repoint a Brick Wall

Repointing brickwork is a labour intensive process that most DIYers can do themselves. What’s more, you don’t need many tools and the ones you do need are relatively cheap to buy if you don’t already own them.  The biggest cost for taking the DIY approach to repointing a house or large two storey wall is … Read more