5 of the Best Spirit Levels

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On this page, you’ll find a list of 5 of the best spirit levels currently for sale on Amazon. The list is regularly and automatically updated with the items displayed in order of popularity, starting with the No1 bestseller.

Stanley Shock Proof Torpedo Level 230 mm/9 Inch 0-43-511
  • High impact shock proof aluminium level for improved durability
  • Shock resistant rubber end caps, protect the level against damage if dropped
  • Highly visible vials offer accurate horizontal, vertical and 45 degrees readings
Rolson 54464 Alloy Spirit Level, 600 mm
  • 600mm (24") Alloy spirit level
  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminium
  • Three vials that measure both horizontally and vertically
Rolson 54465 Alloy Spirit Level, 900 mm
  • 900mm (36") Alloy Spirit Level
  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminium
  • Three vials that measure both horizontally and vertically
Firecore Spirit Level Magnetic Torpedo Level 9-Inch, Small...
  • 3 different bubbles for plumb, level, and 45 degree provide the maximum readability for jobsite measurements
  • High impact plastic shell, shockproof, durable and lightweight, rubber end caps absorb impacts to help protect the vials and frame
  • Powerful magnetic strip hold firmly to iron and steel surfaces for easy and hands-free steel construction work
Rolson 54119 Magnetic Level, 230 mm
  • 230mm Spirit level with a magnetic edge
  • Manufactured from durable plastic
  • Includes three vials which can measure horizontally, verticallly and at 45 degrees

Spirit Level Buyer’s Guide

Spirit levels are used for checking if a surface is perfectly vertical or horizontal. Or in some cases (such as laying a patio or decking that requires adequate drainage), making sure they’re not.

And as with most tools, avoiding the cheap crap and buying a good quality product from a well-known manufacturer and looking after it, will go a long way to making it for years and years.

Experts and manufacturers advise against using spirit levels for anything other than performing the job they’re designed to do. They also advise owners to handle the equipment carefully and avoid dropping it on the floor. They advise this because misuse and mishandling can result in unreliable readings.

Another piece of advice from experts and manufacturers is to keep the base surface clean and dirt-free. Simply because dirt and obstructions can affect a spirit level’s ability to accurately measure surfaces.

Spirit levels tend to come in the following lengths (although you can find shorter and longer ones if you shop around):

  • 250mm / 10 inch / 0.25 metres
  • 600mm / 2 foot / 0.6 metres
  • 900mm / 3 foot / 0.9 metres
  • 1200mm / 4 foot / 1.2 metres

Perhaps the most useful size for the home DIY toolkit is the 600mm version.

To check the quality and reliability of a spirit level, examine the bubble inside the vial. Ideally, the bubble should sit tightly between the two lines when it’s sitting on a perfectly flat surface. If it isn’t, the readings will be wrong.